Coinbase wants to make crypto more accessible

For crypto exchange giant Coinbase, 2023 is all about getting web3 into new markets and partnerships while getting more users into crypto at the same time.

On Wednesday, Coinbase launched its wallet as a service (WaaS), a scalable set of wallet infrastructure APIs that allow businesses to create and deploy customizable on-chain wallets for their users. This means companies can integrate wallets directly into their apps, so users aren’t redirected to separate applications to connect their wallets (as most web3 dApps require these days).

“The theme [of 2023] is really this flywheel on the supply side to create more web3 native apps and also integrate more web3 capabilities into mainstream apps,” Will Robinson, VP of engineering at Coinbase, told CoinTech. “That’s on the supply side, and on the on the other hand, the question is, more users are coming into the space, whether it’s because Base offers them the easiest way to go from a retail user to playing on-chain for the first time or because the wallet as a service can offer an entirely new bring class on board.”

At the core level, Coinbase’s goal is to build more apps and get more users into the ecosystem, Robinson said.

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